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   VIP Member Services
Price $1000/one year Price ¥12800/one year
With VIP qualification, you may do business with any Chinese bearing company at home because of a series of VIP members' services: Looking over enterprise catalogue, building Chinese or English enterprise's website ,promoting your company via our Chinese newspaper etc.
Share success with us!!!
Premium Membership Services
Price ¥6900/one year
With Premium Membership of our chinese version site (www.cnbearing.com),you may develop the most potential chinese big market.You can sell your stock and promote your brand among more than 5000 chinese distributors and end users.Click More for detailed services
   Economical Member

Only €290.00, enables you grasp every commercial chance. All the bearing information is in your hands
Advertising on Chinese site

www.cnbearing.com is the most specialized bearing industry service platform in China,with ten years experiences.So,advertising your business via flash on our homepage will be the most efficient and effective way for you to develop Chinese Market.Click more for details.

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   Adervitising Services
Welcome to advertise on CBCC!
CBCC is the most efficient and effective media channel to market your company's products and services to a highly targeted audience of world-wide bearing buyers&suppliers.
Price € 300 .00/one year
Do you wanna find out Chinese potential bearing partners? This CD-ROM (€ 300.00) helps you!
Chinese bearing enterprises and the related companies including their name, address, telephone, fax, main business, brand and so on are all in CD-ROM. Come on!
Develop the market !
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